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OpenStack Cloud Computing Cookbook – Book Available for Pre-Order

I’m very pleased to announce that you can pre-order my book on OpenStack: OpenStack Cloud Computing Cookbook

Understand, install and configure Nova, OpenStack’s Cloud Compute resource
Learn how to install Swift, how it operates—with practical recipes to troubleshooting and maintaining OpenStack’s Object Storage service
Configure Keystone, OpenStack’s Identity Service which underpins the authentication of all OpenStack services
Manage cloud computing images using the OpenStack Image Service, Glance
Learn how to create custom Windows and Linux images for use in your private cloud environment
Configure and install Horizon, the OpenStack Dashboard service for managing your cloud environment
Learn how to secure your private cloud and the instances running on them
Learn how to troubleshoot, monitor and deploy OpenStack environments beyond test environments and into real-world datacenters

Available around September 2012


CloudCamp Warrington, February 23rd hosted by @appsense #aws #openstack

I’ll be doing a short (well, I can get carried away but the plan is short) talk on what is doing in terms of cloud computing which includes efforts and plans around OpenStack and AWS.

You will find some great people at the informal event – from people who are actively involved in cloud technology, to those that are just starting their cloud journey.

If you’re in the North West of the UK and fancy coming along – it is being kindly hosted by the Warrington offices of AppSense Ltd.  The evening is turning out to be a great forum and the hope is that more events in the area will follow.  If you have an interest in the cloud bubble, please come along for a chat over some drinks and some food.

Full details here:

Updated OpenStackInstaller script for Precise and Essex installs

I’ve updated the OpenStackInstaller script which now gives you a Development (Trunk) OpenStack Essex installation on Ubuntu Precise (Currently Alpha 2) with the following

Nova Compute (and associated services)

This set up allows you to use nova client tools to launch instances

Install Ubuntu Precise
apt-get update
apt-get dist-upgrade

(as root)

  1. git clone
  2. cd OpenStackInstaller
  3. git checkout essex
  4. ./

A lot of this wouldn’t be possible without the help of people in #openstack on
For an equally awesome installation from scripts for a Diablo release view these scripts: