OpenStack Design Guide Book Sprint: July 7th – July 11th

Thanks to efforts by Ken Hui and Anne Gentle and help from, following on from the heels of the excellent OpenStack Operations Guide and OpenStack Security Guide book sprints, The OpenStack Foundation has commissioned another in the form of a Design Guide. A bunch of seasoned architects, developers, operators and authors are heading to sunny Palo Alto in July to take up refuge in VMware’s HQ (Thanks Scott and VMware!) whilst we put pen to post-it notes and crayons to walls as we bash out a book that helps OpenStack soothsayers plan and architect their installations.

Your esteemed list of contributors and brains who are up for the challenge:

Ken Hui, Rackspace soon to be of EMC kicking things off for us, Scott Lowe of VMware, Nick Chase of Mirantis, Maish Saidel-Keesing of Cisco, Alexandra Settle and myself from Rackspace, Sean Winn from Cloudscaling, Sean Collins and Anthony Veiga of Comcast, Beth Cohen from Verizon, Steve Gordon and Vinny Valdez of Red Hat.

That’s some pretty top representation from across the OpenStack community (I know, I somehow crept in there – possibly just for the entertainment) and I’m looking forward to meeting these great folk in a few weeks time.


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